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What is an Online Drumming Lesson?

A DrummingMad online lesson is a way to have access to quality, certified snare drumming tutors, from wherever you may be located around the world, so long as you have access to the internet and a webcam.

Each lesson includes personal one-on-one time with your tutor where you will benefit from a learning program and practice regime tailored to suit your specific aims and motivations.

DrummingMad Online Drumming Lessons provide a solution to the common difficulty of finding a drumming teacher close enough to take regular lessons from. DrummingMad Online Drumming Lessons can also be used to supplement times when you cannot make it to band practice or if you are often on the road and stuck in hotel rooms.

Whether you live in Antwerp or Aberdeen, Toronto or Timbuktu, you can take your lessons with DrummingMad!

Who are they for?

Online lessons can be for anyone!

Specifically, online drumming lesson are particularly suitable for the following:

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers
  • Drummers with little to no access to drum tutors
  • Bands and drummers in rural areas
  • Improving technique
  • Preparing for competitions and solos
  • Learning how to tutor new drummers in your drum corps
  • Bands looking to lift the level of their drum corps
  • Kit drummers wanting to improve their rudimental drumming technique

What you will learn

DrumingMad online lessons are tailor-made to suit the goals and aspirations of each DrummingMad student.

All of our teaching practices are based on the strong foundation of the DrummingMad Method. This method of teaching has been developed DrummingMad founder, Dean J. Hall, over his extensive drumming career and has produced many skilled drummers, including those who thought they “could never be a drummer!”

The DrummingMad method will surely ignite a passion in you that you maybe never knew you had – a passion for the art of Pipe Band Snare Drumming!

Read more about Dean J. Hall and the DrummingMad Method here.

For Beginners

If you are an absolute beginner, some of the elements you will learn include:

  • The 7 essentials
  • Correct stick holding
  • Correct technique
  • Correct sound
  • Beginner tunes
  • Beginner Drum Salute
  • Beginner level music theory


For Drummers

For Drummers already drumming but wanting to improve, your learning can include:

  • Health-check on your current playing
  • Improving technique
  • Improving sound
  • Fine tuning current scores
  • Tackling harder scores
  • Theory
  • Score writing
  • Preparing for competitions and solos


For Bands

For Bands wanting to lift the level of their Drum Corps, DrummingMad can tailor-make a learning solution designed to give your band their desired outcome in a realistic timeframe, suited to your corps skill level and to your budget.

DrummingMad will also future-proof your corps by providing them with the knowledge and tools required to use the DrummingMad method to successfully teach, integrate and hold onto any future new drummers.

  • Tailor-made learning program to suit your bands requirements
  • Lift skill-level of drum corps
  • How to successfully teach, integrate and hold onto new drummers
  • Tutor training
  • Fine tuning current scores
  • Tackling harder scores
  • Theory
  • Score writing
  • Preparing for competitions

Tutor Training

DrummingMad provides a tutor training service in which your lead drummer receives DrummingMad’s one-on-one Skype lessons on behalf of the band drum corps. During these lessons, your lead drummer will be taught how to effectively tutor the rest of the drum corps. This will not only lift the game of your current drummers, but provide your band with a qualified tutor for future drummers joining the corps.

Tutor Training includes:

  • Essential exercises and rudiments
  • How to effectively teach a drum corps with varying skill level
  • How to recognise and effectively teach students with different learning styles
  • Working with memory

DrummingMad can also arrange for a tutor to come out and visit your band for a face to face lessons with your corps.

What items do I need for a lesson?

In order to get the most out of your online lesson you will require the following items:

  • Practice Pad
  • Drum Sticks
  • Internet access
  • Webcam with microphone/audio

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How does it work?

DrummingMad online lessons are conducted over the free online software application Skype.

Each lesson goes for 45 minutes, after which your tutor will spend 15 minutes writing up your lesson notes and provide you with the information on what to work on for your next lesson.

Face-to-face lessons are also available where possible.

How long does a lesson go for?

Each online lesson will run for 45 minutes. At the end of your 45 minutes, your drum tutor will spend an extra 15 minutes writing up your lesson notes which will be emailed to you.

How much does it cost?

Your very first online drumming lesson is FREE!

When you book your first online lesson using the form below, your first online lesson is free. This first lesson is an introductory consultation where you can meet your tutor, discuss your current drumming level, and what you would like to get out of your lessons. This will enable your tutor to put together a tailor made program to suit your exact drumming goals and aspirations. Your tutor will also work with you to make sure you know exactly what will be required by you in order for these goals to be met, including practice schedule, tips and a realistic timeline.

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online-drumming-lessons-testimonial-cameron“Cam first met Dean at the 2013 PBA Summer School in Sydney, Australia. They spent a lot of time together, sharing in their shared passion for drumming.

Dean’s love of learning and teaching is very apparent and this shows in the rapport that he and Cam have developed. Dean helps Cam understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of drumming and this provides a great platform for future development.

Dean encourages Cam to transcribe scores and to compose his own cores. Each of these skills builds a deeper understanding of drumming, beyond just learning to play scores. Dean’s lessons are always fun and a highlight of Cam’s week.”

– Alec Lawson, father of DrummingMad student Cameron Lawson

online-drumming-lessons-testimonial-seiks“We placed 1st in drumming at two competitions over the weekend and 2nd at a very big one in North Berwick, beating the current Scottish, European, and British champions. Couldn’t have done it without you Dean!”

– Tripert Singh, LD of the Sri Dasmesh Malaysian Sikh Pipe Band. Drum corps has been working with DrummingMad since 2015

online-drumming-lessons-testimonial-janine“I recommend Dean as a drumming tutor without hesitation and think very highly of him. He is dedicated, professional, extremely patient and always encouraging. Dean is determined to ensure that his students are taught correctly and are never rushed until he is a happy that they are ready to play in a band.

His method of teaching always amazes me. If one is experiencing some form of difficulty with playing a score Dean writes an exercise which assists in overcoming that difficulty.”

– Janine Collard, DrummingMad student since 2014

Online Lesson Pricing:

Remember, your first online drumming lesson is FREE!

*All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Single Lesson



One Lesson only

Pay as you go

4 Lessons



Save 10%

Total Saving of $26

8 Lessons



Save 15%

Total Saving of $78

12 Lessons



Save 20%

Total Saving of $156

16 Lessons



Save 25%

Total Saving of $260


Did You Know?

DrummingMad also offer bespoke workshops for bands. Enquire today to find out more about DrummingMad workshops.